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 Weezer FAQ's

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Q.what's after Maladroit?
A. lots of touring and recording new records!

Q.when is weezer coming to..... ?
A. weezer always wants to tour everywhere, not missing a single city, not disappointing a single fan. often times, however, a particular grouping of shows is organized by the band's booking agency, and, owing to the need for weezer tours to stay within assigned budgets and what-not, the tours will sometimes "skip" some regions of the country. its never intentional, and always they keep track of where they are "over-due" to play, and ask that they get to the under-represented regions as soon as possible. as some fans know, there are areas in the US and Canada where weezer hasn't played in years, or even has never played. weezer asks fans in those areas for your understanding and patience. If the band had its way, they would be playing every city, every time.

Q.what is all this "=rwa=" talk..... ?
A. =rwa= is short for "rebel weezer alliance" which is what weezer.com/weezer.net more or less is. the orig. site was called this before it's pre-officialness. we've kept it intact on the current site, because well, all the same people are working on the site and it's known for it's fan friendly nature.

Q. where can i find the guitar tabs/ lyrics /equipment history /info on the band /etc.?
A. go to Weezer.com

Q. is there is a street team i can join?
A. there was a trial run a little while ago. for the moment they're not taking sign-ups till things get a bit more organized. please keep up w/ the news for updates regarding that when they have them.

Q. where can i get the lightening bolt guitar strap rivers wears?
A. try a music specialty store.

Q. is there a weezer b-sides cd? what are these cd's i see on ebay?
A: those are overpriced, often questionable quality, bootleg cd's. there is not an "official/real" weezer bside cd, yet.

Q. where did the name weezer come from?
A: it was a childhood nickname.

Q: i know Rivers wrote some articles for magazines, but I dont know which ones and what issues. help me out so I can locate them.
A: rivers has had 3 articles published. the first two were for Details magazine. "Life In The Fast Lane", published in the January 1995 issue (w/ Stephen Dorff on the cover), and "Road Worriers" , published in the April 1995 issue (with Trent Reznor on the cover). the third article appeared in the february 1995 copy of Chart, an small Canadian magazine. the issue had Eric's Trip and Suede on the dual cover, and the article was one page with a promo photo from the blue album era. this was Rivers's personal favorite of the three, and unfortunately is very hard to find now. (note: There is a conflicting report that the issue in question is actually the March 95 issue with Veruca Salt and Sook-Yin Lee on the cover).

Q. was that rivers in a crystal method video?
A:yes, that is rivers cuomo, and the sumo wrestler from the hash pipe video, appearing in the new crystal method video for "murder". marcos seiga directed that video (along with a couple weezer videos) and asked them to come over during the filming.

Q. what's with the sugar ray song, "rivers" ?
A. as far as we know, sugar ray are weezer fans and wrote this song as a bit of a homage.

Q. is this song a weezer song?
A: songs titled: "the fall" (w/ good charlotte), "break my heart" "drive around the world in my car", "we have a technical" (the rentals), "california" (the rentals), "texas", "internet girl", "tomorrow may come" "rainbow of love" "no other girl" "please let me get what i want" (smiths cover)"congratulations" (special goodness), "x-girlfriend", "mrs robinson"(simon&garfunkel OR the lemonheads), "baby hit more one more time" (fountains of wayne cover), "rivers" (sugar ray from scream soundtrack) "paint by numbers"(self), "uptown girl" (billy joel cover), "baseball" (ozma) and "game over"(ozma) are misnamed songs floating around the net. they are not weezer. also, there is no hidden track on the green album - somone misnamed an mp3 from ozma's "baseball" on the net.
"american girls" is by homie, which was one of rivers projects in '98. it is not "weezer" but was written by rivers and played live during his solo boston shows in late '97.

Q: where could I get a video tape/DVD with all of weezer's music videos on it?
A: currently there is nothing available for purchase. (except people's bootlegs taped off of MTV), but I expect that Interscope/Geffen will eventually release one, perhaps after the band makes a few more videos. Such a release would certainly include exclusive behind the scenes footage. Also, currently weezer.com has multiple format download files of all the videos.

Q: what kind of guitar/bass/drums/etc does/did Rivers/Matt/Mikey/Brian/Pat used/use during 1991/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/2000/2001 during (insert tour/rehersal/recording session/etc here...)?
A: go to Weezer.com

Q. who is singing female vocals on "I just threw out the love of my dreams" (good life bside) ?
A. that would be the wonderful rachel haden, (formerly of that dog.) who sang guest lead vocals with rivers on the song.

Q.what does the italian mean inside the Green Album? "Torniamo all antico e sara un progresso"
A. break out the translator. >=0]

Q.what show is the picture on the inside of the green album from?
A. the interior shot is live from San Francisco, Bill Graham Civic, 3/17/01 Outloud tour

Q. what does "no" on the inside mean?
A. no means no.

Q. are there hidden tracks on the green album?
A. there are no hidden tracks. non-usa edtions (varies by country) contain bonus tracks.

This is a shorter version of the FAQ at Weezer.com


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