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 F.o.N.: Danny Rubin Facts

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Fan Site:Blinkboard 182's F.o.N. Site

Name: Danny Rubin
Birth Date: July 12, 1983
Instruments: Bass
Type: Calvin R1000 Amp head accompanied by two 4x10 cabs, A dtr-1 Rack tuner, an Ernie Ball - Musicman sterling bass [blue]. and sometimes Fender jazz basses for practice and on some recordings
Main Influences: Geddy Lee of Rush, John Paul Jones, Rex Brown, Fat Mike, and everyone else. He learns something from everyone even if they suck.
Astrological Sign: Cancer
Hobbies: Work as umpire for softball around San Diego county, hang out with friends, run, take drives, go to concerts, play guitar and drums, sleep, eat while watching television
Favourite Book: I Like the Stranger by Albert Camus
Music Listened to at Home:
All types of rock like Foo Fighters, Nirvana, Metallica, Rush, Led Zeppelin, and other stuff people recommend that might make him a better musician
Favourite F.o.N. song: You and Me
Favourite Food: Hamburger
Favourite Movie: My Cousin Vinny is Cool, Godfather Part 2, and certain chick flicks with a tasteful sense of humour
Favourite Television Show: Friends, Married With Children
Ideal Girl: "The perfect girl for me honestly should be naturally attractive, fun to be with, interesting, a good listener, spontaneous, sexy as hell, and realistic."

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