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 Gob Biography
We were the first site that offered the full and complete Everyone Pushed Down lyrics, and lyrics to other songs that were unavailable elsewhere. Check it out!

Band Bio
The IQ Test a Gob Member Failed

Theo Goutzinakis:
Tom Thacker:
Craig Wood:
Bass/Background Vocals
Gabe Mantle:
Drums/Background Vocals

It all began when Theo and Tom formed their band, Tommy's Biscuit. Gob didn't start until late 1993. The band formed in Langley, British Columbia, Canada, after Tom and Theo met Wolfman Pat Integrity. The band released it's self-titled EP (9 tracks) that year. They were quite successful, in 1995, after Too Late...No Friends was released. A few of their videos were aired on Much Music at this time also. After this, they released Green Beans and Almonds, a 7-inch, 500 press, 4 song vinyl. Unfortunately, Wolfman Pat left the band to spend more time with his family, and Jamie left too! At least the current band and Pat are still good friends. A while later, Craig and Gabe joined to replace the members that left. Gabe is also in the Vancouver punk band, Brand New Unit. In 1997, a 7-inch Gob/McRackins split was pressed, along with Ass Seen on TV, a Gob/Another Joe split. Soon after, in 1998, they released How Far Shallow Takes You. This then led to their signing with Nettwerk Management, who re-released How Far Shallow Takes You in 1999. The band did a popular cover song of the Rolling Stones' Paint It Black, which was then featured in the Kevin Bacon movie, Stir of Echoes. Gob has played in several Warped Tours as well as other music festivals. Their latest release, The World According to Gob, was originally set to be named Love and Relationships. Here's a little interesting fact, Sum 41 used to open up for Gob when Gob was huge in Canada, but now Gob opens for Sum 41 in the U.S. where Sum 41 is making it big.


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