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 Skye Sweetnam Biography

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Skye Alexandra Sweetnam
(Named after the Isle of Skye)
Hair Colour:
Eye Colour:
Deidre and Greg
Aurora and Cameron
May 5th, 1988
Bolton, Ontario, Canada (Toronto sub-suburb, pop. 15,000)
Allen Drive Middle School, and Mayfield
Singing, dancing, acting, filming, snowboarding, painting nails, making clothes
Alanis Morisette, Blondie
TV debut:
Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn (Friday June 20th 2003)
Acting Debut:
Radio Free Roscoe "Bad Boy" as Sydney Deluka (March 5th 2004)

Colour = Pink
Music = Rock, pop, punk, hip-hop...basically everything, even classical and horror film scores
Food = Ice cream, chocolate, chocolate chips
Movie = any adventure, horror, mystery, Disney
Track from Noise from the Basement = all of them!
Shakespearean play = A Midsummer Night's Dream

Note: The following bio is from 2003:

Skye Sweetnam, another small-town Canadian artist with a cool name (YES! Canadian music rox!) who is garnering attention in the States. Only 15 years old, she is talented beyond her years as she writes/creates (create would be a more appropriate word here) her own music (well, she co-creates too), dances, designs her own clothes, and directs her own mini-films! Her indelible pop anthems of teen rebellion are straight from reality of her so-called "life". She touches everything from electronica to pop-punk..sometimes in the same song! She was recently signed by Capitol Records. Her energetic first single from the Mandy Moore movie, How to Deal, is soaring up the charts (Can't wait until the movie release on July 18th!). Skye's album is highly anticipated to be released this year (2003)! Look out, Avril! Here comes Skye!
--Kyle aka dj_spikee

Message from Skye's Official Site (2003):
"You wanna know more, more, more about me?" Okay, I'll start from the beginning. I'm from a small town called Bolton just north of Toronto. Growing up with no mall, no movie theatre, no cable or internet, some may imagine that to be a kid's worst nightmare. I had nothing else to do but entertain myself. I spent my younger years singing, dancing, acting and getting attention any way I could. If there was a stage, I was on it. I started off doing the dance competition circuit, performing in hip-hop dance numbers, ten minute productions of classic musicals such as Les Miserables and Cats and entering singing competitions. The music played around the house was everything from Bryan Adams, Enya, The Who's Tommy, The Cranberries, Genesis, Weezer, the occasional Spice Girls song along with each year's dance compilation CD to practice my sweet moves. I started to explore songwriting at age nine. At age twelve, I began to seriously feel compelled to make a career out of it once I joined "Popstars" camp. My dear mother missed the deadline on the highly anticipated snowboarding classes I was looking forward to, so she tried to redeem herself by enrolling me in the local music school's spring break day camp. It was there, at "Popstars" camp where my first recording of a Britney Spears song caught the attention of the music teacher and her songwriter husband. It was that couple that helped me realize my potential and helped me put together a three song demo. My grandmother just so happened to tell her hairstylist about my recordings. Next thing I knew I was passing by his salon in Bolton when he invited me in to play him some music. There I was, dancing around on the hair covered floor with women in their curlers, peeking over the top of their magazines to see me singing along with my CD. Strangely enough, one woman's brother was an entertainment lawyer in Toronto. One connection lead to the next and soon I had management and a meeting with a twenty-one year old named James Robertson. The rest is Noise from the Basement history. I've basically been on the road for over 2 years rocking with my 'sick' band. We've ventured everywhere from summer camps in the North Eastern States with fellow Canadian rocker Fefe Dobson, to the club circuit in the Canadian Maritimes with Shawn Desmond, to jam packed arenas with Britney Spears. It's amazing to think already I've traveled in over twenty-five countries! Recently I've been on the road with cutie Ryan Cabrera. It's a total dream come true to be the front woman of an uber wicked band just like my favorite rockers such as Pat Benatar, Joan Jett, Gwen Stefani, Brody Dale, Karen O and Deborah Harry to name a few. The only song I can't take credit for writing on my album is a remake the Blondie classic "Heart of Glass." I tried my hardest to make it fun though different because there's no making it better! Not only has James Robertson been an amazing influence, introducing me to new music but the boys in my band have so much knowledge to share as well. They're no pretty boys, that's for sure, they are the real deal. They've been trying their luck in the business for a long time, so they do keep me grounded. I love soaking in as much as I can from the talent around me and from all genres of music. I'm still learning how music is limitless and that's what's so inspiring. I hope I can take all this overwhelming opportunity and use it to the best of my ability. What I do best is make noise.. and at this point, I have no plans of stopping my racket!

Dream on, learn on, play on and rock on!
Love, Skye


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