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The truth about single women's attraction to jerks [or why women don't like wimpy nice guy]

I did not write this. This is from someone else's point of view. I think it's funny.

Have you ever wondered why a lot of single women are attracted to jerks who treat them like shit? Well I'm just as confused as you are. Even though I don't agree with being a jerk towards women, I ran across an article posted on a newsgroup by the author who chose to remain anonymous, that explains why they are attracted to jerks. I wanted to share this information with you so that it may shed some light on this subject for you:

Did you NOTICE that women keep saying that they want a nice guy. BUT .... how come they are always going after some stupid jerk?. Go and get brain surgery immediately if you believe when women say that they want a guy who is sensitive, caring, understanding, that will treat them with respect, and on and on. Do NOT believe what women SAY. Instead, WATCH what women DO. They go after the jerks, don't they? Always remember that actions speak much louder that words. NEVER, EVER believe what women tell you. Instead, WATCH FOR THEIR ACTIONS. Watch what women do. They go after jerks. Even better. Watch what ANY person (male or female) does. His/her behavior is the best predictor of his/her personality.


1. Why are nice guys ignored?

2. Why are women so attracted to jerks?.

3. Is she attracted only to jerks or to ANY guy who can make her "feel" the way a jerk does?

4. If a nice guy adopted some of the jerk's techniques, would he attract women like the jerk does?

The answers to these questions are based on the NEED for the SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST. And IT explains women 's behavior EXTREMELY ACCURATELY. I have never seen it explained so clearly before. It took me some time to understand what was going on. Maybe other guys have already observed this.


Listen carefully. Females OF ALL SPECIES were genetically programmed by Mother Nature to MATE with the dominant males of their species, NOT the weak ones. BY mating with the dominant males of their particular species, the GENES of the strongest males were passed to the newborn thus assuring its SURVIVAL in a very hostile environment. You can observe this MATING RITUAL happening over and over aging in the animal kingdom.

Here is HOW Nature assured the SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST: First: Nature had to find a way to make the female willing to surrender and MATE with the male. There had to be an INCENTIVE for her to WANT to mate. Would you engage in sexual intercourse if it were absolutely boring or unpleasant?. Of course not. So, in order to make her a WILLING participant, the female of the species was programmed to feel all those intense, uncontrollable, overwhelming, pleasurable FEELINGS that makes her ready to go ahead and MATE. Have you heard the expression: my female dog is in HEAT?. You know that this female dog goes CRAZY. If that dog were not in HEAT, there would be no copulation, no mating.

Second: Nature wanted to preserve the strongest traits of that species. Therefore, the female was programmed to have those crazy, wild feelings and emotions PREDOMINANTLY toward THE STRONGEST, MOST DOMINANT MALES, the ones that she COULD NOT CONTROL, the ones that would dominate her. You must have observed in Wildlife that the female does NOT surrender to the weakest, but she waits for the WINNER AMONG ALL THE MALES fighting for her favors. And the winner is always the strongest one. And the fighting itself contributes to make her quite EXCITED. And the sight of the winner makes her even MORE excited to the point where she WILLINGLY surrenders and MATES WITH THE WINNER.

Do you understand what I said?. The female was programmed by Mother Nature to feel ATTRACTED to and MATE with the dominant males, not the weak ones. Is it the strong male, not the weak, the one who makes her FEEL really excited and turned on. Well, guess what. Women, the females of our species, have exactly THAT SAME INFORMATION still coded in their genetic structure. And -this ancient MATING INSTINCT is constantly being REINFORCED in ALL women, FROM A VERY EARLY AGE, by the heroes of Hollywood, TV and the mindless soap operas and romantic novels that women devour.

All these heroes are supremely self-confident, strong, untamable, they cannot be controlled by ANY woman, they treat women roughly, they can do no wrong, they always say the right things and make the right moves, they SWEEP WOMEN OFF THEIR FEET and they always end up getting the females.

THE MESSAGE BEING CONSTANTLY REINFORCED IN ALL SINGLE WOMEN is that ONLY the uncontrollable, untamable guy is desirable . And that ANY nice guy should be ignored. Therefore, women all over the world keep dreaming about some knight in a shining armor WHO will SWEEP THEM OFF THEIR FEET, and dominate them and make them go totally OUT OF CONTROL and possess them. That is why the strong, dominant, unpredictable, untamable male is a turn-on for ANY WOMAN. She was programmed to respond to that kind of a male. She goes "NUTS" for this type of guy. She will do ANYTHING to try to get him.

This genetic programming in the females is accomplished in great part through a very powerful hormone known as Estrogen, the "FEELING" drug. It makes females want to feel, and feel, and feel. On the other side of the spectrum, a powerful hormone known as Testosterone, the "PERFORMANCE/ACHIEVEMENT" drug, is the one that makes men "hunters" and gives them the drive to achieve, invent, create. That would very nicely explain why women CRAVE for intense feelings and emotions. They love to FEEL, FEEL and FEEL. They have this uncontrollable, almost "psychotic" NEED to talk about their relationships and what/how they FEEL all the time. They couldn't care less about how things work, about computers and about cars. Except when they want you to buy one for them.

It would also explain why men DON'T have this overwhelming, uncontrollable, even ''psychotic" NEED, to talk about their feelings and they are much happier creating, inventing, and talking about their computers, their cars and their latest high-tech toys. Women FEEL happy when they FEEL. Men FEEL happy when they ACCOMPLISH something. LOGICALLY SPEAKING, ANY woman should try to avoid the jerks, the bad guys, AT ALL COST considering that she has been drilled over and over by her mother ( and even her father) that men are no good, that they are only interested in sex. Does she follow her mother's instructions?. Of course not.

Instead, she keeps going after the troublemakers, the guys who are going to hurt her. These BAD guys project these vibes of being so dominant and uncontrollable that it TURNS ON the all powerful MATING INSTINCT to mate with a DOMINANT male, a male perceived as strong because he is uncontrollable, a male who gives her a sense of security that females themselves don't have, a male who makes her feel totally OUT OF CONTROL, a male who makes her surrender completely, and who controls and dominates and possesses her. And SHE LOVES THOSE FEELINGS. She loves the feelings she gets WHEN being DOMINATED AND BEING OUT OF CONTROL, just like her female counterpart in the animal kingdom.

These feelings act as a powerful and highly ADDICTIVE DRUG that she MUST have AGAIN and AGAIN, EVEN when she gets hurt. Of course, Mother Nature ONLY wanted to assure the survival of the species by means of this ANCIENT MATING RITUAL. But this is not a "useful" behavior any longer. MOTHER NATURE should have! terminated it a long time ago. BUT IT WAS NEVER DONE. And modern women still carry with them, wherever they go, this "useless" genetic information that gets them incredibly "TURNED ON" anytime they encounter a jerk or a hard-to-get man.


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