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 F.o.N.: Turn Out the Lights

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Turn Out the Lights

Sensations like these are quite rare
Running fingers through your hair
I take a deep look in your eyes
My fun is done now say goodbye
Misery loves company
Dream how miserable we'll be
Biting time with a gentle touch
I feel that I don't like you that much

Take me to one week ago
I'd like to think that
I would know
Not to show
How you've grown
We'll make a pact for here on out
I'll never speak to you out loud
If you swear
You don't care
If I'm there

I can't stand to watch you lie
Now tell me why I'd sympathize
When you won't sacrifice your pride
I won't be depressed tonight
Turn out the light and say goodnight

Now the past is haunting me
My future's looking kind of bleak
I'm seeing now that it can hurt
When all my friends think I'm a jerk
It's getting late and I'm awake
Damning myself and my mistakes
Two million sports fans can't be wrong
I've been a prick all along

Ain't it sad what I've become
Cry me a river
I've been bad
I'm so sad
I've been had
I know you're all laughing at me
I'm laughing with you

What a tool
What a fool
So uncool

I only want the best for you
Try so hard but I don't come through
But what's a loser gonna do?
I won't be depressed tonight
Turn out the light and say goodnight.

Instrumental break


It's such a sad song that I sing
I hate 19, there is
No reason
And no rhyme
Just killing time
Take me underneath your wing
I won't survive, you
Pull the weed
Kill the seed
Make it bleed

Repeat first chorus


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