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 Too Much of Our Lady Peace

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Too Much of OLP
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This is when you know you've had too much of Our Lady Peace... [Credit goes to: Happiness & The Fish]

you changed your name to Annie, Naveed, Hope, Julia, Sara, Oskar or Eve

you saw somebody drowning at the beach and all you did was wave your hand and hum Clumsy to yourself

You look forward to rain (get it the singer's name is Raine, picture Colin Quin getting mad here)

You know the lyrics for every OLP song but not your quadratic formula for your math final

You don't have a Magic8Ball you have a magic Birdman

You go around asking people if they knew the world was a subway and after 20 people said no you started screaming "Doesn't anybody ever know, that the world's a subway?"

You run around looking in every bookstore trying to find *the starseed transmission*

You take it as a compliment when somebody calls you clumsy

When OLP releases a new album you would duel another fan for it

You went to a bicycle show to see if the bikes floated

anything having to do with OUR , Lady or PEACE is automatically our lady peace in your mind

when you walk around doing the "birdman" dance

when you do the "raine" dance....

you tell anyone to shutup during any OLP news or song (wheather you heard the song 100 times or not)

when you post in "Dreaming of OLP"

when you have all rare OLP songs.....including sleeping in....THE SONG

Everytime someone says "I'm thinking", you burst into "Whyyeeeiiieeeiiiee" and so forth.

When you say "Hi" to people, its usually a high pitched falsetto sounding more along the lines of "HAIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!"

You begin to calling stupid people "Knobs", in honor of Mike Turner language.

You did your 11th grade math extra credit project song, to the tune of Stealing Babies. (This applies to me only i believe, it ruled.)

When you crash your car, you dont worry that the back end is smashed, you just peel off the OLP sticker so it doesnt get ruined.

Your birthday cake was in the shape of Jero's afro.

The only number you use in math class, is 7. When the teacher questions you, you perplexedly respond, "seven?"

You move to Canada, just so you can get Much Music.

you use song titles as adjectives such as supersatellite:"hey that was supersatellite cool"

your default browser on your computer is clumsy congress

you buy canadian beer because the guys are from canada

you enlarge pics of you and the guys and put them in frames

only olp concerts are allowed in your VCR

you make your whole family sit down and watch the new olp video trying to make them appreciate it

before you make a decision you ask yourself "what would raine do?"

you sparatically quote olp lyrics for no reason

you iron the number 7 onto your shirts to be like jero

all your olp cds are the first ones in your cd case from naveed to spiritual machines in order

on the way to an olp show you listen to all your olp cds in order from old to new

you take off work just to watch a televised concert that olp is appearing on

you live strictly by the lyrics on olp cds

you'll leave it on a terrible radio station because they played olp once in the clumsy days

you'll stay in the mosh pit through horrible bands at a festival just to see olp from the front row

too much olp when you don't want to trade in your car cause those damn stickers won't peel off in good condition!!

you have an olp clock(i don't have one but some people do and i think it's funny, that's a little too far!)

if your house catches on fire, the first thing you grab is your olp pics, posters, etc.

at olp shows you bring 10 extra rolls of film just in case you drop one or two or three?

you subscribe to canadian mags eventhough you live in america just cause they have articles on them every now and then

you call your cable company at least once a week and bitch them out cause they don't offer much music

When You start running around with old dudes that like to carry fish with them because you think that at lease one of them has to be "that freaky OLP guy"


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