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 Weezer: Scott Shriner Facts

Band Bio
Individual Bios

Name: Scott Shriner
Birthday: July 11th, 1965
Sign: Cancer
Hometown: Toledo, OH/Los Angeles, CA
Spare Time: Video games, movies, naps
Instrument: Bass/Backing Vocals In 2001, he said: "Rivers got my number through a mutual contact, but I didn't know about it. So when he called me I thought it was a practical joke! 'Yeah right, you're Rivers Cuomo, uh huh'. But it sort of dawned on me: this guy's being too serious to be making a joke!" Everyone hit it off really well, and the 3 'veteran' Weezer men felt a rapidly growing kinship with the very experienced and professional Scott. When Mikey's absence became a permanent thing, Scott was asked to stay with Weezer and he accepted the offer with a big smile. He brings a bit of the hard rock to the band, having played in some pretty heavy bands in the past. When asked who his favourite bands are, he immediately says "Led Zeppelin", and ponders a bit before adding "Humble Pie - but only the Peter Frampton years!" However, lurking inside this rock machine is an extremely talented and multifaceted bass player, whose wide experience has made him a very quick study to the Weezer style! Scott is a guy who has a firm grasp on reality and takes his music very seriously, but who is also extremely friendly and very funny. Welcome to Weezer, Scott! "I feel that my sole mission in life is to bring the rock to the people, and I really mean that. People need to have rock brought to them. The rock saved my life as a kid, and I'll do anything for rock, bro!"
In 2001: Scott came to los angeles several years ago in the early '90s ("like everyone else in the band"), and played in a ton of different bands. Scott joined the band on a provisional basis when it was unclear whether Mikey was temporarily or permanently out of Weezer.

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