Harp & Plow
1.Shine On
2. Harp & Plow
3. Disarray
4. Solace of You
5. Certain Girls
6. Let It Come Down
7. Scars
8. What Might Have Been
9. Burn Me Clean
10. Silverlined
Bonus Track. (Don't Need A) Witness

A few words about Harp & Plow from Marc Copely: This album is a return to basics as well as a good look forward. My thought was to mix my blues background with the more melodic American roots songs that I've been writing in the past few years.

We recorded "Harp & Plow" in six days in the historic town of Woodstock, NY. My goal was to record an album in the same tradition of the records that inspire me. No edits. No pro tools fussing about. Just human beings playing music into microphones. Applehead Studio in Woodstock was the perfect setting, as it's relaxed, loose vibe was exactly what we needed. Hell, we slept in a hayloft for six nights!

I hope you enjoy listening to the album as much as I enjoyed making it.

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1. Cellophane [3:41]
2. Surprise [3:25]
3. Right to My Head [4:46]
4. Truth and Oil [4:42]
5. Crystal Clear [4:49]
6. Magic Box [3:29]
7. Slow [3:45]
8. Won't Let It Happen Twice [3:57]
9. How Do You Know [4:32]
10. Backslide [3:03]
11. Brutal Light [4:35]


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