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 Lifehouse FAQ's

Band Bio
Individual Bios
Song Meanings


Bio taken from Emily's Lifehouse fan site: http://www.somebodyelseslifehouse.com. Thank you to the truly amazing and awesome Emily for this!

Q: What's Bliss? Or is it Blyss?
A: The band that evolved into what we know as Lifehouse today was originally a worship band at the Malibu Vineyard named Bliss (and later changed to Blyss). When they were signed to Dreamworks they had to change their name because another band was using it.

Q: Who's Diff?
A: Diff, whose real name is Jon Palmer, was the original drummer for Blyss and the drummer heard on the tracks of No Name Face. He was replaced by current drummer Rick Woolstenhulme in the summer of 2000.

Q: Diff's Lucky Day?
A: Diff's Lucky Day (DLD) is the demo album made by Blyss. A handful of the tracks on No Name Face were orginally recorded on this album, which is not available in stores. Only about 100 copies of the Bliss version were made, and only about 1000 of the Blyss version. Most of them are owned by friends and family of the original band members. Occasionally copies are auctioned on eBay, but usually carry a hefty price tag.

Q: What about their album, Fuse?
A: Contrary to popular music search engines, the Lifehouse album entitled Fuse is NOT an album from this Lifehouse.

Q: Does Lifehouse have other Members?
A: Lifehouse is a 3-piece band, but early promotional photos included Jon Palmer [the original drummer] and Aaron Lord [played viola on NNF]. However, they are NOT members of Lifehouse. Other photos include Stuart Mathis, who toured with Lifehouse as a guitarist until summer 2001, but who was not a member of the band. Sean Woolstenhulme (Rick's younger brother) became the touring guitarist for the band in the summer of 2002 and is now a full and permanent member.

Q: Why No Name Face?
A: Lifehouse's debut album was named after a track which failed to make the final cut for the record.

Q: Is Lifehouse Christian?
A: Although its members are Christians, Lifehouse is NOT a Christian band. Jason prefers to leave all of his songs up to individual interpretation.

Q: What about Sparrow Records?
A: Lifehouse has a deal with Sparrow Records for distribution in the Christian Marketplace. They still call Dreamworks their home label, and the deal does not change any statements made on the nature of being a Christian band.

Q: What about the Worship Album?
A: Lifehouse's deal with Dreamworks includes two mainstream albums and a worship album. This album, which will be produced under a different band name and most likely be distributed by Sparrow, has always been part of the band's plan.


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