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 Murphy's Laws of High School
1. If the class average is low, you're doing average, if the class average is high, you're failing.
2. If the students complain enough, the teacher will give an extension.
3. If the students complain too much, the teacher will give homework to do in that time.
4. If you have ample time to do your project, you will wait until the night before to do it.
5. The projects that you do the best on are the ones you did the night before.
6. If you did your project ahead of time, you will find that you are missing something important or you did something wrong.
7. In any tech-oriented class, half of the students will already know everything, and the other half will know nothing.
8. Any project of any size can be completed in any number of days if it is important enough.
9. If the students complain that they don't have enough time, it means they are about the finish the project in time if you give the extension...
10. ...But if you give them too much time, they will slack off and forget about the project.
11. Any long-term projects or studying takes a backseat to more immediate quizzes and homework...
12. ...until the weekend before the test will be give or the project is due.
13. If you do bad on one test, it will be that you need the most.
14. If you knew it all yesterday, you will remember 80% of it today.
15. If your teacher tells you to read pages A to Z, and that no inane trivia questions will be asked, you will surely find that your definition of 'minor trivia' will differ from your teacher's definition of 'inane trivia'.


Aguilera, Christina
Blink 182
Broken Social Scene
Copely, Marc
Death Cab for Cutie
Dexter Freebish
Li, CJ
Lola Ray
Nine Days
Our Lady Peace
Postal Service, The
Sweetnam, Skye
Theory of a Deadman
Yorn, Pete

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