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1. Bill Clinton Pic [Bill, let's call her Monica]
2. Either the Cat Goes, Or I Go!
3. A Stupid T-Shirt Some Idiot Blew his Money On
4. Oops..Santa Got Run Over
5. Hmm..I think that sign needs to be fixed...
6. Welcome to Arkansas [Another Dumb Bill Clinton Joke]
7. American Pie Imitator Burnt
8. Beer.. ah. the many uses.
9. Beer Troubleshooting
10. Look at what Bill's doing on the float!
11. What was Bill thinking on the boat?
12. BMW is fortunately not a Microsoft product
13. The story of the candybars
14. Is that cat fingering me?
15. The age-old question of "Coke? or Pepsi?"
16. Aww. Look at these cute dalmatians.
17. Greatest tattoo artist in the world
18. Deersome...Discovery Channel rocks
19. Detroit Street
20. The doctor told me..
21. One strong dog
22. Mmmm.. dough boy
23. My favourite pilots
24. Available at a toy store near you
25. Girls are evil equation
26. De-Evolution
27. Evolution of Women
28. You think your private school has tough exams? You haven't seen nothing.
29. Friends.. in many years
30. Every time you masturbate, God kills a kitten
31. Major golf fan
32. I want a handjob
33. This wagon has problems
34. iLoo, the next big thing
35. Javelin
36. Best cake ever
37. Why wasn't my prom this interesting?
38. Men with kilts
39. Highly efficient cell phone user
40. Ouch.
41. OH! Erin Brockovich screwed my dog skip!
42. Microsoft's newest innovation
43. No parking by the fire hydrant
44. No Trespassing..or..
45. My beautiful office cubicle
46. Playboy is putting up ads to entice children
47. Warm water does wonders
48. Drunk wanker
49. Wasted drunks
50. Santa doesn't exist.. anymore
51. Sex ed billboard
52. Shoplifters will be..
53. Showgirls. We've got em all
54. Pope and Bush conversation
55. A play on words
56. Smokers have rights too
57. Squirrel beverages
58. Top 10 signs
59. Fortune cookie
60. Great time management. Great parents.
61. Witch on Halloween
62. Wrong ball man!


Aguilera, Christina
Blink 182
Broken Social Scene
Copely, Marc
Death Cab for Cutie
Dexter Freebish
Li, CJ
Lola Ray
Nine Days
Our Lady Peace
Postal Service, The
Sweetnam, Skye
Theory of a Deadman
Yorn, Pete

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