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 F.o.N. Biography

Individual Bios
Band Bio

Danny Rubin: Bass
Josh Dodson:
Yigal Adato:
Ilan Rubin:
Chris McGraw:
Lead Guitar
Alvin Exegea:
Aaron Rubin:
Rhythm Guitar

Founded in September of 1997 by high school seniors Aaron Rubin and Yigal Adato, F.o.N. was formed just to play at a battle of the bands. Three years later, F.o.N. has done way more than they ever anticipated. With two appearances on the Van’s Warped Tour, Woodstock ’99, two national CD compilation projects, releasing a self-produced CD, receiving local and national media coverage, including a roll in a recent photo spread in Teen People magazine, and opening up for the likes of Strung Out, Weezer, Unwritten Law, Sprung Monkey, Voodoo Glow Skulls, Home Grown and more, F.o.N. has been building a national fan base and has had their hands full doing it.

F.o.N. spent most of the summer of 2001 in the studio, working on FoNOPOLY the EP that wasn’t meant to be. Just as the record was about to go into production, the band received a letter from Hasbro’s attorney’s demanding that the band cease and desist all use of the Monopoly® trademarked symbols. Even though FoNOPOLY was an obvious parody of the famous board game and F.o.N.’s art design made that perfectly clear, the band decided to change the album concept at the last minute and release it as Cease & Desist. With Cease & Desist: The EP Formerly Known As "FoNOPOLY" [2001], F.o.N.’s music and lyrics are a dramatic departure from prior works. While still upholding their signature F.o.N. sound, their songs have matured both musically and lyrically, going from the songs on Hooked on F.o.N.ix [1999] that dealt with topics like sharing girls to blowjobs to fitting in, to the songs on the new EP that deal with finding yourself to complex relationships to not being able to deal with school. Musically, the band has tried to cut away from the standards. With seven members in the band, each member works hard to put their touch on each song, bringing in influences that range from rock, punk, metal, and hip-hop. No two songs on the album sound alike.

This is the bio taken from F.o.N.'s official site: Fonland.com

My Comments: F.o.N. used to stand for Freaks of Nature, but it doesn't anymore since it's already the name of a clothing company.


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