Lyrics: Surprise


I woke up in a daydream
A dream was all it was
And I'm still lying in my bed
I'm tired of T.V. dinners
And this ticking in my head

I heard that you quit smoking
I heard you cut your hair
Heard you got naked in a car
Did I forget to mention what a fuck you are

Let's play, meltdown
Do I smell plastic burning?
I guess by now
You want me crucified
I'm just a jealous guy
And judging by your eyes
You got my surprise

I took out the garbage
You left me the bill
And act like everything is fine
So unwrap the package and take a look inside


Writing letters, making plans
I'm gonna make you understand
I'm sending out a souvenir
Set the timer, light the fuse
You'll see my exploding view
No one's home here anymore
I'll kill the lights and bolt the door on you

I guess you realize
I'm not the kind of guy
You can push aside
And judging by your eyes
You got my surprise


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