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 Dexter Freebish: Chris Lowe Facts

Band Bio
Individual Bios

Name: Chris Lowe
Birthday: Halloween
Favourite Movies: Fletch, Airplane, Raiders of the Lost Ark
First Record Bought: The Beatles - Revolver
Instrument: Bass/Vocals
Favourite Dexter Freebish Song: Tomorrow
Favourite Pastimes: Trick or treating, brushing his hair, filling out questionnaires
Favourite Album: U2 - The Unforgettable Fire
Favourite Bands: The Verve, U2, Oasis, Travis, Radiohead, Neil Diamond
First Concert Went to: Olivia Newton John
Reason for Playing Music: So he may one day meet Olivia Newton John

This is what Chris said:
On Making the Album:

When we made our album "A Life of Saturdays", we wanted to make an album that was classic and would still be listened to in twenty years. We didn't want any weak songs on the album. We wanted to add lots of depth and textures to it, so hopefully after thirty or so listens, the listener would hear other things in the song that he or she didn't know were there. During the making of the album, it seemed that everything on the radio was either really heavy or really pop. We pretty much had to just ignore the current trend and make the album true to our own style. We also liked the idea of making each song flow into the next. A conceptual album, of sorts. It was great working with our producer, John Travis. John had worked with bands such as Sugar Ray, Kid Rock and No Doubt. So his knowledge was extremely valuable to us. We also worked with producer, John Shanks, who is an amazing guitar player and a great songwriter. It was a highlight for me when we got to record with a full string section in the old Capitol Studios where Frank Sinatra used to record. You can hear the strings throughout "Tomorrow" and "What Do You See?" We also had Beck's DJ, DJ Swamp do some scratchin' for us on a couple of songs. It took us about three months to record the album and it was a great time!!!!

On Touring:

There's nothing better than playing live in front of people. We love meeting and talking with fans from all over the country. I remember when we played in Pittsburgh in early August. "Leaving Town" had been getting some radio play in the area. When we played that song, the crowd erupted and started singing throughout the whole song. That was a really great feeling since we were so far away from home and had bever really seen that reaction outside of Austin. When we play live, we always try and change the songs up a little and not play them exactly like they are on the album. We like to keep it fresh for everyone.

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