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 Dexter Freebish FAQ's

Band Bio
Individual Bios

1. Why Dexter Freebish?
The band is named Dexter Freebish because it was the coolest roller coaster to ever hit Houston. The Dexter Freebish Electric Roller Ride was the first big metal roller coaster in Houston. It opened in 1972 and was changed to the Excalibur in 1981. The roller coaster was torn down in 1998. It brought so much joy to the guys that they chose to immortalize it by naming their band accordingly. For more information on the roller coaster's history, click here.

2. What is Kyle's last name?
Kyle's last name is Kyle.

3. Where are the guys from?
4 out of the 5 guys are from Texas. Rob is the odd man out hailing from San Clemente, California. Charles and Kyle grew up in Houston, while Scott and Chris grew up and even went to the same high school together in Austin.

4. How old are the guys?
Old enough to vote.

5. Does the band read fan e-mails?
Although, they might not have time to respond to every email, they do read them all and appreciate hearing from all of their fans.

6. What did the guys in DF do for a living until they started playing full time?
Before DF was a full time gig, Charles did web design and recorded bands, Rob did graphic design and gave drum lessons, Chris was an accountant, Kyle sold roofing supplies, and Scott worked at the help desk for Apple computers.

7. How did the guys get their "break"?
While getting more and more popular on the Texas club scene [mainly Austin], DF was offered a demo deal with MCA Records which never bloomed into anything. Then in 1998, the right people happened to hear DF, and they offered DF a deal with Capitol Records. Soon after signing the contract with Capitol Records, Leaving Town won the John Lennon Songwriting Contest, which hyped up the song and helped it to get airplay across the country.

8. What is Kyle's first name and why does he go by his last name?
Kyle's first name is Rob. He goes by his last name because if he didn't then there would be two Rob's in the band, and that would bring more confusion than any of us could handle. And besides, a one name lead singer brings more mystique to any band.


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