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Damone is a band of East Coast pop kids who could have very well grown up in the skate parks of southern California. From the Attic is their sunny, playful debut, and they give it to you good with a punk rock sucker punch. Damone doesn't do anything dramatically different from what's currently hitting mainstream radio, but there's an undeniable appeal. The members of Damone don't concern themselves with three-chord routines or childish lyrical rants; instead they kick it with huge arena rock-like riffs while 16-year-old frontwoman/guitarist Noelle LeBlanc's ironic sweetness swirls in spit and vinegar. Adolescence and adulthood are both tough. "Frustrated Unnoticed," a catchy pop nugget, suggests that such a mentality never changes. Looking for that perfect love will never go away, and Damone reminds you that such a feat is a bit silly and fun. Surf-punk standouts "Up to You" and "Carwash Romance" are subtle hints, while "Leave Me Alone" brings it back around to the fact that love stinks sometimes. From the Attic is entertaining, simple as that. - All Music Guide

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