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 Blink 182 FAQ's

Band Bio
Individual Bios
Song Meanings

Was the band naked throughout the "what's my age again?" video?
Yes, through most of it they were, for a few scenes they wore Speedos.

What does -182 stand for?
NOTHING! It means absolutely nothing, it was just a random number.

Did Mark date the girl from the Dammit video?
No, she was an actor, he slipped her his number, but never got a call.

Why are the last three songs on Cheshire Cat in a different color? They are joke songs, and the band wanted to show this.

What happened to the name Blink?
Blink 182 used to be called "Blink", without the 182. One day they got a call from a lawyer in Ireland, about an Irish techno band (wtf, techno??!!) that had had the name longer. So, instead of going to all the trouble of thinking of a new name, they added 182 to the end.

How Long did it take Mark to write "Dammit'?
The songs "Don't Leave Me" and "Dammit" were both written in about 5 minutes by Mark about break-ups that didn't even happen.

Were Blink valedictorians in high school?
Well, no they weren't, Tom was kicked out of high school twice, what a student!

What is Blink's favourite cereal?
The band enjoys the sugar filled flavours of Apple Jacks, Honey Comb, and Captain Crunch, also just to let you know, Mark uses water instead of milk in his cereal.

Do you like the piercing on Tom's lip?
Well, too bad it's not real, just recently in a magazine article Tom admitted that his lip ring was fake.

Where did Scott Raynor go?
Scott Raynor was the original drummer for Blink 182 but right after Dude Ranch was released Scott had to leave the band not on really good terms, because he wanted to finish school. Currently Scott is in a band called the Axidentals and they play all around the San Diego area.

Then, Where did Travis come from?
Travis was originally in a band called the Aquabats. After Scott left Blink chose Travis since he already knew most of the songs and they were pretty good friends already.

Where can I find Flyswatter or the original Buddha Albums?
Sorry but you're outta luck there, both were taken out of print at about the time Cheshire Cat came out. Keep in mind that these are very rare and are hard to find so don't get too mad if you don't find them anywhere.

Who is the girl on the cover of Enema of the State?
The girl's name is Janine and she is a porn star from Vivid Video and considering that Blink is licensed and official viewers of the adult entertainment industry they decided to have her on the album.

What's with the weird song names?
Well most of the song names make good sense but the rest of them are either past crushes from high school or just names they thought up over the day or made up while belching.

In the song "Josie" what does U.L. and D.H.C stand for?
UL stands for Unwritten Law and DHC stands for Dance Hall Crashers. Both bands are friends bands to Blink, plus they both kick ass.

What are all of Travis's tattoos about?
Most of Travis's tattoos are self explanatory but I will explain the ones that aren't, where it says "Can I Say" on his chest it is a quote from a song he likes. The boombox on his stomach is to show his love for hip hop music. To see what the rest are like go out and buy the Urethra Chronicles tape and at the end of the movie it will just show all black on the screen after the music videos are over, just fast forward the tape and about 2 minutes later a hidden part will show up and it will have Tom explain the homosexually speaking version of what he thinks the tattoos mean then after that Travis will explain what they really mean. First off nobody in the band is gay. They just act like that to be funny.

I heard Blink went to Powan High School....
Sorry but first off not all of Blink went there, and second off it's PowaY high school, an issue of Rolling Stone featuring the band said that they went to Powan high school but that was a misprint, they went to Poway High School.


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