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 Our Lady Peace Biography

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What would you think about a band that formed through the want ads in a Toronto newspaper? Wouldn't last 2 months? Wrong. Believe it or not, that's how one the best Canadian band ever, was formed. Guess who it was...

Raine Maida can rightfully be called the "father" of the band. He and Mike Turner created the band. After some changes with the members, Duncan Coutts and young Jeremy Taggart joined the band. And stayed. With them came original keyboard playing and background vocals, and some hard, aggressive drum sounds. Add Raine's twisted but heart felt lyrics and Mike's awesome guitar sounds and PRESTO! You've a great band!

In 1993, Our Lady Peace put together 11 songs to form their first album, Naveed. During those two and a half years, the band was touring. Our Lady Peace also won several awards during that time for Naveed like favourite new release, favorite new song. Starseed also won best song of the year. They also appeared on several other CDs.

Less than a month after Clumsy's release, it hit double-platinum. Over 100 000 copies of Clumsy were sold during that month, while its singles, Superman's Dead and Clumsy, both went right to the top of the charts after being released.

Our Lady Peace continue to rack havoc all over stages, and the fans are loving it. All we can do now, is wait. And ask, when's their next album coming out!? And then it came! Thank the Gods, our prayers were answered. Released in 1999, Happiness... Is Not A Fish That You Can Catch, like previous albums, was and still is a great success. Its first single, One Man Army was in the Top 20 songs for various weeks.

Fresh sounds, great lyrics and awesome talent can all be found on Our Lady Peace's newest album released, Spritual Machines. Now, GO GET IT!
P.S. Mike Turner has left the band, now Steve Mazur has taken his place as guitarist.

Official Biography:

"In 1993 Naveed was born. Eleven songs recorded with (Producer) Arnold Lanni in a small unassuming studio in Toronto, The four of us had hardly played a dozen shows together and suddenly we were making music... and someone else was paying for it."

The band spent the next two-and-a-half years on the road.

"In that time period we played 350 shows and, according to our road manager, traveled about 230,000 miles. We were playing with a bunch of different bands [Bush, Elastica and The Ramones] when we were told that Robert Plant had heard our song Starseed on the radio."

At the time Starseed was a top-10 hit at the Modern Rock and Active Rock formats in both Canada and the United States.

"Before we knew it, our little yellow school bus was parked between 12 tractor trailers in Chicago and we were soundchecking for the 1st of 5 shows with Page and Plant. We then followed Sponge and Letters To Cleo around before doing a bunch of shows with Van Halen. In September of 1995, Duncan Coutts came into the band as our new bass player. Coutts also plays cello and piano. We finally stopped touring Naveed after supporting Alanis Morissette in Canada last summer."

The Alanis support slot was a personal invitation.

Along with continuous sales traffic and live show acclamation, the band made various international television appearances (Conan O'Brien, The Jon Stewart Show) while sweeping the 1995 Casby Awards in all three categories.

Naveed went on to become a multi-platinum seller in Canada and ultimately sold half a million records in North America alone.

"We just try to work hard. We played hard and learned a lot on Naveed and the spirit with which Naveed was made is what we wanted to bring to Clumsy."

With additional instrumentation and new inspiration, Clumsy reveals a self-developed sound.

"Ultimately, you have to make a record that you're happy with, because if it stiffs, you're the only one that has it in your CD collection and you better be able to listen to it."

"We went back into that same studio with our producer friend and made Clumsy. Clumsy is about making decisions. There is a connection between the song Clumsy and it being the title of the album. The lyric: I'll be waving my hand/watching you drown/ watching you scream is about seeing something, but not seeing it for what it really is. You may decide to help... or to just wave back."

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